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A fitting tribute to Taylor's book, Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi, this 30 minute DVD illuminates the images on screen. Set to baroque and classical music, the Treasures DVD has been called "mushroom meditation."

If you've been fortunate enough to sit in the audience for one of Taylor's slideshows, you'll immediately recall the impact of his beautiful mushroom photographs on screen. If you're new to his work you'll be delighted by this presentation representing over 15 years of Taylor's public work to promote the beauty of mushrooms to audiences all over the world.

In addition to the Treasures show, the DVD includes a brief introduction by Taylor, and a short entitled "The Endless Foray" with live footage from Australia and New Zealand.

Product specifics:

  • DVD in NTSC video format
  • Durable, plastic case
  • Case dimensions: 7 1/2" x 5 1/4"
  • Program length: 30 min


mushroom video

Comments about the

  • WOW!!!WOW!!!WOW!!
  • That DVD is great!
  • Thanks for that gift to the world!
  • Outstanding work! OUTSTANDING!!!
  • My heart melted when I saw the collection of photos that you have amassed over the years. My children and I have watched the DVD over and over fascinated by the beauty of the Creators touch.
  • I saw it on Sat with the folks who thought it was fantastic!
  • The DVD program was WONDERFUL. The whole club wants to go with you on your next foray.
  • Your DVD is fabulous. We showed it at our January meeting. The music was cranked and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
  • So I finally got to see the Treasures show and just as I expected, it was a treat!
  • Your DVD is outstanding! One viewing doesn't do it justice.
  • Your DVD was the HIT of our Christmas Party!
  • The DVD version of "Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi" arrived yesterday. Thank you for elevating my spirits once more. Please send me ten more copies.
  • My sister-in-law and father-in-law loved the DVD.
  • It is certainly a beautiful presentation of fungal photographic work.
  • Got the DVD and it looks great! What a good idea!
  • We just watched your new DVD. It is really great, congratulations.
  • Your DVD arrived yesterday - it is just beautiful - thank you VERY much.
  • Have played your DVD numerous times and just love it.
  • It is truly amazing!


Treasures DVD
mushroom video


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